Where can homeowners purchase MDF for home projects?

Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) is a wonder-product because it can be used so diversely. But not all MDF is of the same quality – different manufacturers produce boards of different standards. Your best bet is to buy PG Bison’s MDF panels–SupaWood® – due to the product’s unique properties. SupaWood®is categorised as structurally superior fibreboard.

Why SupaWood®?

Home projects can be fun for the whole family but you still want the end product to reflect high quality and to function effectively. SupaWood® is strong, reliable and cost-effective. There is no need to spend thousands of rands on furniture; spend less and enjoy a fun family project.

SupaWood®’s surface is very smooth so you don’t need to worry about any glaring bumps or indentations on the final product. It can be painted or varnished with oil-based paint and it is ideal for high-gloss PVC wrap. MDF is not typically suitable for spray-painting but PG Bison actually recommends it when it comes to SupaWood® which is specially designed to accommodate spray-painting.

The consistency and smoothness of SupaWood® makes it possible to cut detailed designs and the smooth edges mean you can cut decorative edges using a router. The product can be used for projects that need a strong base but preferably a beautiful appearance. Use and enjoy these creations in your home.

What makes SupaWood® different?

SupaWood® is superior to other types of MDF as PG Bison takes great care to perfect the process of its composition.

Resin is added to wood chip sat a high pressure. The resin becomes atomised to completely cover all the fibre particles. The fibre is then dried and the latest process control technology is used to form sheets of the resulting material. The sheets are compacted and trimmed and the density and moisture content is tested to prevent any imperfections. Sheets are then fed into a press. The heat and pressure guarantee a consistent board density profile. Lastly the boards are cut, cooled and sanded with a 150 grit finish so that they are ready for immediate use.

MDF can be used for an array of projects but only SupaWood® can give you a long-lasting, high quality final product that will last. Be sure to contact PG Bison for all your SupaWood® needs.