Starting a Janitor Service

Most people would love to be their own boss. Unfortunately, there maybe a few obstacles that may stand in their way. Most of the obstacles may just be a figment of their imagination. However, there sometimes can be real concerns. Some of the concerns can range from raising capital to start the business, and having the proper knowledge and information to run the business efficiently. However there is one type of business that requires very little capital and information to start.

A cleaning service can be started with very little money, knowledge, and information. All that is needed to start a cleaning service is a vacuum, disinfectant cleaner, mop and bucket, toilet bowl brush, towels, and a propensity to work. The chances are high that one already possesses these items. However, if you do not have these items in your possession, the total cost to start a cleaning business can be as low as $150.00 if you have ever cleaned your own apartment or home; you have all the knowledge, training, and information you need to clean for a customer.

There are many other services within the cleaning industry that can also be performed to generate revenue. Carpet cleaning is just one task that all residents and businesses will eventually need. Carpet cleaning requires specific equipment to offer this service. The equipment needed to clean carpet is an extractor or a low speed floor maintainer. These machines can be bought either new or used in the price range of $300.00 to over $3000.00. Renting a carpet cleaning machine is also an option. Machine Rentals start around $25.00 per day.

Another cleaning service that can be offered is stripping and waxing. Stripping and waxing is the process of removing dull and dirty wax from a hard surface floor and replacing it with a fresh coat of wax or finish. Stripping and waxing leaves an unsightly floor clean and vibrant. There is a large market for companies that offer stripping and waxing. Therefore, businesses will compensate handsomely for this needed service.

There are many levels and areas of business within a cleaning service. A basic cleaning service provides general cleaning services such as dusting horizontal surfaces, sweeping and mopping hard floors, vacuuming carpeted floors, and cleaning restrooms, which includes cleaning sinks, mirrors, and toilets. Starting a cleaning service is one of the simplest businesses a person can start. Starting one requires very little capital and has very little overhead to maintain. That is why cleaning businesses continue to be one of the most popular businesses started in America.