Remodelling Your Home on a Budget

The words “remodelling” and “budget” may sound like these don’t mix well, like oil and water. But when creativity and ingenuity are applied, the results can be nearly amazing even with a small budget. The key here is to plan well, pour the right time and energy into the project, and find things that can be repurposed, recycled and reused.

Plan Your Project

But why remodel your home in the first place? There are plenty of reasons including:

  • To make your home a more comfortable place for yourself and your family
  • To maximize the uses of the indoor and outdoor spaces
  • To increase the resale value of the property, such as when you’re planning to sell it (i.e., home staging)
  • To accommodate family and friends for entertainment purposes, even welcome a new addition to the family
  • To update the look of the interiors and/or exteriors of the home, such as when it’s outdated


You must first determine your primary reasons for remodelling your home that, in turn, will affect your goal, budget and timeline for the project. You may, for example, set just $100 for remodelling when you just want to incorporate the latest trends in interior décor but not do an overhaul.

Just as it is with most things in life, when you plan well, you plan for success. Planning for a remodeling project can be as simple as:

  • Determining your primary reasons and goal, such as maximize the use of the indoor space.
  • Setting the budget, which may range from $100 to $1,000 and up.
  • Making the timeline, which can stretch for just a week to a few weeks, with certain activities outlined for certain days.

When you have a plan in place, you will be more likely to follow it and, thus, achieve the desired results. Think of it as spending several minutes of your time on planning and getting a few years of use from the remodelling project.

Remove the Clutter

 Before making a single remodelling task in your home, you should clean up, remove the clutter and put everything in its proper place. This results in:

  • Making your home feel and look better because the clutter is gone;
  • Getting an opportunity to see the possible changes that can be done without spending too much, such as rearranging the furniture and furnishings or making new storage spaces;
  • Clearing up the space so that a more spacious vibe can be made; and
  • Maximizing the space where clutter only made it crammed.

Besides, you will find that remodelling without the dirt, dust and debris will clear up your mind to the possibilities of each space.

 Go for Smaller Changes

When you’re remodelling on a budget, your best bets are the smaller changes that can make a relatively big impact on your home’s overall look. These small changes with a big impact include:

  • Place new switch plate covers

You can choose from a wide range of styles in switch plate covers from basic white to patterned colors, all of which will look better than the current yellowing covers.

  • Change the hardware on the doors, windows and cabinets

Your doors, windows and cabinets may have cracked, faded and stained hardware, such as handles, hinges, and knobs, which make them look ugly. Just changing their hardware and wiping clean their surfaces will make a huge difference in their appearance and function.

  • Change the light bulbs.

You don’t even have to rewire the light fixtures! You just need to choose energy-efficient bulbs with the right light spectrum for each area, such as bright bulbs with red or yellow undertones in the living room and soft bulbs with blue undertones in the library or home office.

Other small changes that can be done without spending too much time, energy and money are:

  • Placing new curtains, drapes or blinds on the windows
  • Installing baseboard trims, crown moulding, and doorway trims
  • Covering the furniture with a new slipcover or throw pillows or colorful throws in a luxurious fabric
  • Putting small decorative items, even homemade art
  • Placing plants in strategic areas, such as on the windows, tables and corners
  • Putting new covers on the bed, perhaps even changing the sagging mattress

If you cleaned the spaces first, you will have a more critical and creative eye for spotting the small changes that can be made in each room. Your budget will likely be under a $1,000 but the impact can feel like a hundred grand.

Go the DIY Route

Remodelling on a budget can also mean doing most, if not all, of the tasks yourself or with the help of your family and friends (i.e., free labor). Going the DIY route is easier nowadays for the following reasons:

  • You can watch instructional videos on YouTube and Instructables, among other sites, as well as read books on the subjects.
  • You have the benefit of places and people with whom you can trade and barter, borrow or rent, and buy at discounted prices the things that you will need for remodelling. These things can include the furniture and fixtures, even the power tools.

DIY route

When you’re on a DIY route, you should first learn the basic skills in carpentry, which should be easy considering the power tools and instructional videos. You must, however, avoid making electrical and plumbing changes when you don’t have the knowledge and skills for it. Otherwise, you’re putting your life on the line, maybe even set up your house for substantial damage.

 Shop Around

 If you’re buying for new things, you should always engage in comparison shopping before spending your limited dollars. You even have the Internet with its online stores and price comparison sites to make this task easier.  For example, if you’re thinking of changing your bed, your best bet is an online mattress sale in a reputable store so you save money yet get a great bed.

In the end, your remodelling project doesn’t have to a rush job, unless you’re staging it for potential buyers in the near future. You can sit down to plan for it, make small changes in the coming weeks, and buy new things and do new tasks as your schedule allows.

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