Murphy Bed Made in USA

3 Reasons to Buy American Made Murphy Beds

American Made Murphy Beds

FlyingBeds is the world’s greatest manufacturer of Murphy beds. Their Murphy Beds are made in the USA, specifically in the great state of Colorado, and can be shipped worldwide.

  1. Not only do Murphy beds help maximize space in your home and give a room a dual purpose, they are also made with the highest quality materials. You can be sure that when you purchase a Murphy bed made in the USA from FlyingBeds, it will last the test of time and general wear and tear.
  2. When you buy products made in the USA, you are helping create jobs. You are helping support safe and fair working conditions, as companies like FlyingBeds, ensure law-abiding labor regulations for all employees.
  3. Did you know that according to Consumer Reports, when given the choice, 78% of Americans would buy an American-made product over an identical one made abroad?
    • Additionally, more than 60% of that group would even pay extra to buy a high-quality product made in America.

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