Kitchen Safety is About More Than Hand Washing

Kitchens are one of the most dangerous places in any home. People are at risk every day from sharp knives, hot pans and food-borne illnesses in their kitchens. Great care is required to keep people safe when preparing meals and that care should not stop when choosing cookware. There are potentially harmful chemicals used in the manufacturing of some cookware and these chemicals can leach into cooked foods and cause harm to anyone that regularly dines on those meals. A new generation of safer pots and pans is available for all home chefs that want to keep their families free from these risks.

Understand the Risks

Teflon pans are coated with a material that is defined as a likely carcinogen and caused immune system deficiencies in lab rats. Aluminum toxicity has been linked in some studies with the development of neurological conditions. Copper poisoning leads to disruptions in the metabolic system. These are the common materials used to manufacture most cookware. They are a serious concern when they are used every day with each meal.

Choose Safer Options

Non-stick cookware is appealing because it makes cooking and cleaning easier and prevents the overuse of harmful fats to prevent food from sticking. It is not necessary to forgo non-stick pots and pans in order to avoid Teflon. Instead, just choose safer coatings. PFOA-free cookware is the safe option. PFOA is the chemical in Teflon that is known as a carcinogen and could lead to potential health concerns.

Look for Alternatives

Shoppers that want options other than coated cookware should consider anodized aluminum. Anodized pans will not allow the metal to be absorbed into the food. The solid pans are safe for even acidic foods that are particularly at risk when cooked in stainless steel or non-anodized aluminum. The key is to keep them scratch-free. Once the interior surface is compromised there is the potential for some exposure. Use plastic or wood utensils when cooking and non-abrasive scrubbers when cleaning.

Having a Healthy home and cooks that want the best means a little extra effort. Replace all coated and enameled pans as soon as any scratches or chips appear. Research the safety of all materials used in the kitchen to avoid adding more risk to a room that already requires attention to safety.