Janitor Services Cooking Up Clean Restaurants

When it comes to commercial cleaning, every building and workspace has its own set of needs and requirements to appropriately maintain a sanitary and pleasant environment. Just like medical office cleaning must comply with requirements such as those from HIPPA, restaurants have their own set of standards that must be followed in order to meet government health department requirements and keep customers safe and pleased enough to return.

Keeping a consistently clean dining environment for patrons of the restaurant and a clean and sanitary kitchen and preparation area for employees is a must in the restaurant industry. Having organized routines and systems in place for daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning tasks will help make keeping the restaurant constantly clean an easier task. Many restaurant owners choose to stick to what they are good at such as recipe creation, food preparation and customer service and leave the cleaning tasks to a professional commercial cleaning service.

Many cleaning tasks must be done throughout each shift at a restaurant, especially in the kitchen. Brushing grills between cooking poultry, red meat, and fish, wiping down prep areas and food line, switching out cutting boards, sanitizing and changing water and cleaning tools and emptying trash bins are all things that must be done throughout the operating hours of a restaurant. Employees must be trained to do these things in order to pass health department standards.

Commercial cleaning companies often come into restaurants after hours each day to do daily cleaning tasks. Daily restaurant cleaning tasks include things such as cleaning out grease traps, changing out foil liners of grills, flattops and ranges, washing floor mats, sanitizing all surfaces, washing appliances such as can openers, and cleaning ovens and fryers. These are just a few of the many areas that must be addressed when keeping a restaurant clean. Having a janitorial company come in at closing time each day allows restaurant owners to outsource some of the responsibility that comes with maintaining a restaurant.

Dining rooms must also be kept up well. Obviously, tables are cleaned between each customer and often floors around tables must be cleaned as well. Maintaining cleanliness is necessary to keep customers happy and healthy. At closing time, the dining room will need much more attention to get it cleaned and sanitized for the following day’s business. Once customers are gone, dining areas can be swept, mopped, and vacuumed without disturbing the dining experience. Tables and other surfaces in dining areas can then be cleansed as well.

Regular cleaning chores done weekly and monthly are a great time to bring in commercial cleaners who are professionals experienced at getting cleaning done right. Deliming of sinks and faucets, cleaning ovens and floor drain cleaning should be done weekly. Some areas that can be handled monthly include cleaning freezers, washing ceilings and walls, and washing behind oven, stove, fryers to cut down on grease build up.

Keeping a restaurant clean is a non negotiable requirement. Dropping the ball in this area can lead to disasters anywhere from bad tasting food to dangerous food poisoning. Either scenario will certainly lead to a quick end to customer satisfaction and likely the demise of the restaurant. Consider adding to your budget funds for a professional cleaning service to come in and help your staff maintain a clean and healthy place for your staff to work and for your customers to dine.