Building and Maintaining an Outdoor Bed

Having an outdoor bed serves you well on the lazy days. Your outdoor environment can become more useful with a comfortable bed on which to enjoy fresh air and the sun. To get the ideal platform for relaxation outside your house, a few tools, materials, and design are necessary. Here is a guide from The Foam Factory that anyone can use to get started.

Tools and Materials

To start building your bed, gather the following items:


Cut the pine boards into the desired length. Set up the boards with wood glue, nails, and screws so as to have a rectangular shape. Attach the outdoor legs on the rectangular frame structure. Place a railing board on the frame and later fix a foam mattress atop it.

Cushion Covers and Foam Mattresses

Your outdoor bed is uncomfortable until you place a thick foam mattress on to the wood you use to construct the garden bed. You can purchase a cushion or foam mattress based on the bed size.

When renovating an old outdoor bed, a four-inch deep cushion replacement is ideal for lounging. Always ensure that the cushion has the right foam density. A foam mattress specifically made for the outside environment is appropriate because it will withstand the vagaries of nature.

You will need to check if the outdoor foam replacement is made with waterproofing features. The cushions with enhanced air circulation and anti-microbial properties are the best. Also, use a removable mattress cover to make it easier to clean and maintain your outdoor bed.